Touch of an Angels policy and procedures will help maintain a consistent schedule and
communication for everyone. We understand that every situation is unique and will be handled with
everyone's best intentions at heart.

Same Day Cancellation: With our schedules being full and accommodating all clients, same day
cancellations will be charged the full amount. For an emergency or unexpected event, a small fee of
$25.00 will be charged just to cover our time and gas. This will help ensure that clients will let us know
before hand if there will be a change in their schedule, so that we can accommodate our schedules
accordingly and help maintain communication, consistency and reliability.

Notice for Cancellation/Schedule Change: If there are any changes that need to be made to the
schedule, they need to be made the week prior in order to be able to help us fill your spot. For
unexpected events please let us know 24-48 hours in advance. This at least allows us to communicate
with other clients it may affect and our employees. There are weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly charges, if
you cancel on your designated week then you will be notified and your charge for the next clean will be
adjusted accordingly. If you exceed a month without cleaning it is considered an initial clean again.

Payment: is due at the time of service. Please make prior arrangements to leave a check or cash.
We do have an option to pay online threw QuickBooks, but it does charge a fee and is still expected to
be paid the same day the invoice is received. If a payment is not made a late free of $25 will be applied
every 30 days. As we all know there has been there has been significant price increases over the last
couple of years. This has had a major effect on small businesses, from supplies, gas and labor. We have
tried to keep any increases within reason. For any future increases thank you for your understanding
and continued support.

Expectations:During the bid all expectations should covered so that we know what is required
from us as we clean. We are happy to do as much as needed but we have a schedule to keep. If we are
unable to maintain our schedule for your house repeatedly because of the increased amount of work,
then your estimated price will be adjusted accordingly to your needs. There are very few things that we
do not do in regularly scheduled cleanings such as:
• Inside refrigerators and freezers
• Inside stoves
• Dishes
• Inside cabinets and drawers
• Inside hutches and china cabinets
• Blinds (will be dusted but not thoroughly cleaned)
• Windows (will be spot checked but not thoroughly cleaned)
• Carpet Cleaning
• TV Screens/Monitors (feather dust, but will not wipe down)

It is not that we will not do these for you; but they are very time consuming and will need to be
scheduled and priced accordingly. For blinds, windows, and carpets; I would recommend a
professional that specializes in that service. This is to ensure that we have the time we need to
focus on the detailed cleaning of the house. We do offer carpet cleaning now threw our sister
company Xtreme Carpet and Tile cleaning!

We really appreciate your business! We strive to provide you with excellent work, consistency,
communication, reliability, and honesty. In order for us to provide this for all of our clients; it is very
helpful if you can provide us with the same courtesies. We look forward to working with you! If you're
not happy let us know, if you are happy tell a friend or leave a review.

Mariah Short (Owner)
Mandy McDermott (Manager)